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The establish was founded by Ibrahim Abdul Aziz Al Quraishi in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1412H corresponding to 1990. The Marble Factory was established after that, which means that our experience in our field is more than 17 years, which makes us one of the leading factories in the field of cutting and shaping marble and granite in Riyadh. Our location in the north of the city of Riyadh has provided us with an important advantage in reversing all the factories located in Al-Kharj road south of Riyadh city, as the north of Riyadh is growing at a very quickly speed, which gave us a lot of experience and skills, and our direct import from the eastern Alicante mountains quarries and quarries of villa Vicosa in eastern Portugal gives us uniqueness and distinction.

Our Products 

We are supplying all kinds of marble and granite, which we import from the Alicante mountains of eastern Spain, and the quarries of Villa Fikosa in eastern Portugal, and we specialize in the supply of various varieties of granite, black marble, Spanish and Turkish green.

Our abilities

We have a distinguished team with a comprehensive and professional view of the blending of the design by nature and our high-capacity machines for patches and cutting marble and output of high decorative shapes and exquisite artistic paintings, our product is blending modern technology with professional craftsmanship and our appreciation of the distinguished producer.


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Our unique location in the north of Riyadh, we have been able to work on the growing projects, and have provided us with a quantum of practical experience accumulated and refined the skills of our workers through continuous work.

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